Definitions for "Point-to-multipoint"
An arrangement, either permanent or temporary, in which the same data flows or is transferred from a single origin to multiple destinations; the arrival of the data at all the destinations is expected to occur at the same time or nominally the same time.
Communications network that provides a path from one location to multiple locations.
A communications, logistics or other network in which data travels in a one-way direction from a central point to multiple remote sites.
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A circuit that connects a single node to a switch. In continuous presence I-TV, it is a single site connecting to up to three additional sites, such that all sites can see all other sites at all times. In a switched I-TV network, it is a single site connecting to any number of additional sites. In a switched mode, each I-TV site will routinely see only the presenter or the site having last spoken.
A connection between a service provider and a number of receivers (e.g. PPV service)
A Thaicom satelite circuit connecting one place to many places.
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Link between one terminal and several ones.
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A communications channel that runs from one point to several other points.