Definitions for "Media Gateway"
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A MG terminates switched circuit network (SCN) facilities (trunks, loops), packetizes the media stream, if it is not already packetized, and delivers packetized traffic to the packet network. It performs these functions in the reverse order for media streams flowing from the packet network to the SCN.
A generic class of products grouped under the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP). A major function of the media gateway is simple IP/TDM conversion under the control of a softswitch. Media gateways include, but are not limited to, the following types of equipment: standalone, server-based gateways, RAS-based gateways, gateway switches, traditional CO switches, and ATM switches.
Network device for converting media streams from one form to another, such as converting voice from a DS0 stream to RTP/UDP/IP packets.
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See MG.