Definitions for "Dendritic"
Dendritic cells are types of white blood cells that have the job of “presenting” foreign proteins to other immune system cells, thereby identifying targets to be attacked. They have been referred to as the “conductors” of the immune system.
derived from dendrites: small threadlike extensions of the cytoplasm of neurons
cell: immune cell with threadlike tentacles called dendrites used to enmesh antigen, which they present to T cells. Langerhans cells, found in the skin, and follicular dendritic cells, found in lymphoid tissues, are both types of dendritic cells. (See also antigen-presenting cell.)
Neuroanatomy Thyroxine
Molecular Thyroxine
Molecular Systemic
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Pertaining to a dendrite, or to arborescent crystallization; having a form resembling a shrub or tree; arborescent.
In hydrologic terms, the form of the drainage pattern of a stream and it's tributaries when it follows a treelike shape, with the main trunk, branches, and twigs corresponding to the main stream, tributaries, and subtributaries, respectively, of the stream.
of a trichome, with branches arising along the main axis, i.e. tree-like.
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Methotrexate Tacrolimus
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Meningitis Tryptophan
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Nausea Vaccine
Nausea Tyrosine
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Nasolacrimal Toxic
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Mobility Transfusion
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Mental Tolerance
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