Definitions for "Deliquescent"
Dissolving; liquefying by contact with the air; capable of attracting moisture from the atmosphere and becoming liquid; as, deliquescent salts.
deliquesce; deliquescence. Deliquescent compounds absorb so much moisture from the air that they dissolve. Examples are calcium chloride and sodium hydroxide.
(lamellae and/or basidiocarps) becoming liquid after maturing.
Keywords:  branches, ramify, swe, sympodial, elm
Branching so that the stem is lost in branches, as in most deciduous trees.
To ramify into fine divisions, such as abnormal numbers of buds, twigs, branches, or leaves, e.g., witches' broom development.[1] Fin. Swe.
Deliquescent branching is a type of branching that is exhibited by an oak or maple tree. There is a short main trunk with irregular branching above the short main trunk. This is also known as Sympodial Branching.