Definitions for "Knots"
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A measure of speed used in aerial navigation. One knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour (1.15 knots = 1 mile).
This is the unit of measurement for gauging a vessel's speed at sea - 1 knot = 1.85 km/hour.
The standard unit for measuring an aircraft’s speed. 1 NM/h i.e. 1 knot = 1.852 km/h.
The method of attaching the hook to the line
A method of tying hooks to nylon
encompass the double clinch, egg loop, and the blood knot. The double clinch knot is used for either tying line to the hook, lure, or swivel. The egg loop is used to give a snelled hook a natural hook set while also enabling the shank of the hook that is applied to baits that are either cut plug or a fillet strip. The blood knot is the conjoining of two like test lines when one by itself is not long enough to fill the spool of a reel.
Dark blemishes in the lumber as a result of branches growing from the tree trunk
These are hard cross-grained disfigurements in timber which are formed where shoots on trees are developed into branches. The resin ducts in the timber run parallel to the growth and resin in the knots flow to the surface of the timber. The exposed surface of the knot must be sealed before paint is applied.
Areas of the main stem of a tree in which the base of a branch has been overgrown through diameter growth of the main stem are called knots. Knots in lumber or veneer are cross sections of tree branches
Knots is a comedy film written by Greg Lombardo and Neil Turitz and directed by Lombardo, which was screened at the Gen Art Film Festival in 2004 (see 2004 in film) and premiered on cable television in 2005. It revolves around a man (Scott Cohen) who discovers his wife (Annabeth Gish) is having an affair, and the consequences of their resulting relationship with the mistress (Paulina Porizkova). John Stamos, Michael Leydon Campbell and Tara Reid co-star.
The intertwining of pastry items, sweetmeats, and so on.
Saturn's outermost ring, the subdivided "F" ring, has many visible knots or clumps of matter. These knots may be clumps of particulate ring material or tiny orbiting moons of Saturn.
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Used to join ends of yarn or thread together. Most textile companies used "weavers" knots, which are only three thicknesses. On most of A&E threads, we have replaced knots with air spices which are less than two thickness. Most knots will cause the thread to break but most air splices will sew through the needle without breaking.
The wrapping around the warps of the yarn (usually wool) threads, the ends of which project to form the pile of the rug.
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small lumps of badly beaten or twisted fibres in the pulp.
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See chip log.
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Sound knots less than 1/4-in. in diameter.