Definitions for "CO-DOMINANT"
Trees with crowns forming the general level of canopy and receiving direct sunlight from above but limited sunlight from the sides.
A species that is equally dominant with one or more other species in the sub-association. In NVIS, co-dominance can also refer to a growth form instead of a species. NVIS
When referring to plants in this document, a plant that covers nearly as much ground as the plant that covers the most ground. For practical purposes, all plants covering more than about 10% in any given layer (e.g the tall tree layer, the low shrub layer, the ground layer) is considered a co-dominant. See also the "dominant" definition, below.
Condition where the phenotypes of both alleles of a particular gene are expressed simultaneously in a heterozygote, e.g. AB bloodtype.
Physical expression of the code on each of the two genes located on a chromosome pair, the effects of which are noticeable.
condition in which a certain trait can be reproduced by breeding the homozygous (see) animal to a normal and achieve 50% of the trait and 50% normal offspring.