Definitions for "Reset"
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To restart a device from its original state.
To restart the microprocessor by pressing the switch located in the hole between and . Reset clears the event queue. Reset clears the event queue and key definitions.
To restart a computer without turning it off. Also: Warm Boot
Resetting the view means that all the transformations previously applied to the objects in the display are undone. This will reset the view to the initial state.
adjust again after an initial failure
A signal or expression that resets all registers in a thread and initiates that thread. This term is also used for a signal attached to the initial state in the control flow of a thread.
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Reset is the name of an extended play (EP) album by Mute Math. Reset is the band's first release. It was released September 282004 by a division of Warner Music Group.
Peace Orchestra: Reset is a remix album of Peace Orchestra, featuring remixes by artists such as Gotan Project and Trüby Trio, released by Studio !K7 in 2002.
Reset started as a one man studio project in 1994 by Stig Antonsen, but was never finished. He decided to start again in 1996 with two friends (Trude Barstad & Christian Onshus). They released a single in the summer of 1996 called U R My Dream on the Sony Music label Dance Pool.
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The receiving of stolen goods, or harboring an outlaw.
To harbor or secrete; to hide, as stolen goods or a criminal.
RESET Returns all communications settings back to their standard values. You may want to use this before a SETUP command, so that you can be sure of the complete configuration. e.g. RESET SETUP Baud=57600 Parity=Even ENDSETUP
A modem can be reset. This will change any options (such as parity and speed) to the values that they have when the modem is first used. This can be useful if you change some values for the modem and aren't sure what they do, and then you find that the modem won't work. Resetting the modem will fix everything for you.
The realigning or adjusting of dies or tools during a production run; not to be confused with the operation setup that occurs before a production run.
On products with a Reset button it enables you to regain a dial tone without using the hook switch. On Caller ID units it is a small button accessible from a hole in the base of the unit, and is used to reset the functions of the machine.
Javascript Reset inherits properties, methods and event handlers from Input and HTMLElement. Only additional or over-ridden features are mentioned here. Properties Javascript can manipulate the text that appears on a Reset button using: document.formname.resetname.value = "new text"; Methods No additional or over-ridden methods. Event Handlers To extend the function of a clicked Reset button, use:input type="reset" name="ID" onclick="my_clickfunc();"
The button a bowler presses to re-rack the pins. Can also be used to refer to the process of re-racking the pins.
The failure policy method that performs a system reset via a serial line connected to the system controller. The reset may be a powercycle, serial reset, or NMI (nonmaskable interrupt).
The server stores tables and counters for each client, for instance, how many failures this client had, how fast it can work on certain jobtypes, etc. Since a client will be disallowed from connecting to the server if it had too many failures, there is a way to reset the client, e.g. pruge these tables. To do this, go to the client page on the server either via the clientmap, the client list or the search page and then choose "Reset" from the menu.
The Reset button returns the simulation to its starting conditions, clearing out statistics and setting all randomness back to a repeatable baseline.
To return a printer to its default settings.
The operation of returning an electronic, or electrical, device to its original or "start" point. Most AMP data terminals offer manual reset, automatic reset, or both.
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Reset is an Australian thoroughbred racehorse. Sired by Zabeel to dam Assertive Lass, he ran just five times, winning each time, including Group One Cadbury Guineas and Futurity Stakes in 2004. After the victory in the Futurity Stakes, many expected him to run in the AJC Australian Derby, but he was then sold to Darley Australia and retired to stud.
To set again; as, to reset type; to reset copy; to reset a diamond.
That which is reset; matter set up again.
The step-by-step routine that the platform performs to set itself back to centre and level position. This routine is manually invoked.
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To remove a horseshoe, trim the hoof, then reattach the same horseshoe. a.k.a: Shift.
device for resetting instruments or controls
Automatic adjustment of the controller set point to a higher or lower value.
Same as the integral or "I" part of PID controllers.
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Reset is a French-Canadian pop punk band that formed in 1995 in Quebec, Canada. Many of the members went on to form Simple Plan.
To totally remerchandise a category or department according to a planogram.
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Unplugging or turning off the power to a device. Some KSU's have a reset switch.
a good procedure (and the only downside is you lose the contents of NVRAM)
tset establish or restore terminal characteristics
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a purge of existing state held for a peer
Changing shelf/fixture/product display to conform to authorized or preferred configuration
Email Notification Preferences
The removal of Group Volume (GV) from your left and right sales teams that is no longer eligible to be used in calculating your Team Bonuses. Reset occurs at the end of any day an Associate of any rank becomes inactive.
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To refresh the printer's memory and erase the current print jobs.
An action by which the power supply is brought back into operation after a malfunction has been corrected.
Is the process which defines the benchmark, spread, timing, new coupon and other characteristics of a variable security.
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Advanced Queries
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refers to a job that is partially complete (i.e. needs to be designed, graphics/text added, or needs Layout.)
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User Password
Reset also known as fixing is a generic concept in the financial markets, meaning the determination and recording of a reference rate, usually in order to calculate the settlement value of a periodic payment schedule between two parties.
The process of establishing a known state in a machine register.
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The act of resetting.