Definitions for "RST"
Resolved Sexual Tension. A rarity to see done well on television, this refers to the spark between a couple who have already consummated their relationship onscreen, and may also refer to couples engaging in an ongoing sexual relationship.
An acronym for "resolved sexual tension." Definitions for this term differ by user. Some feel that tension is resolved when two characters acknowledge their love for one another. Others believe that an action, such as kissing or having sex, is required to make the transition from UST to RST. (See also UST.): Short for "season" when followed by a numeral.
Resolved Sexual Tension. An abreviation for what pairing(s) a fic contains. S/B is Spike/Buffy, S/X is Spike/Xander, etc.
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Residential Security Team. These are the Officers that provide security at the Principals home, office and residences. Often these duties are performed by the PES when the Principal is not in transit. In larger teams however, the RST can be a separate team of people. This is often the first duty that entrants into the industry perform, as it is akin to a (non-uniformed) security officer, manning the gatehouse, securing the vehicles, patrolling the grounds and so forth.
Registry Support Team
Regional Service Team
This is probably a restructured text document. It is like a structured text document in that it is essentially an ordinary text document that uses careful structuring to indicate format, but it uses slightly different rules making the two a little different in the details.
Restated articles Restating the charter documents
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The result file which shows the results of your last submitted TRN file (e.g. Player 1, The Solar Federation would receive the file PLAYER1.RST)
Rational Suggestion Therapy
Redirecting Self-Therapy
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See restart.
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(Running Status Table). An optional DVB SI table that contains data on the current program.
"Readability, Strength, Tone"; a system by which a received signal quality is graded, and a signal report is given. "Readability" is judged on a scale from 1 to 5, and "Strength" and "Tone" are judged on a scale from 1 to 9. "Tone" does not apply to a "phone" (voice) signal. A very high quality CW signal is "599" (pronounced "five nine nine"), and such a phone signal is "59" (pronounced "five nine").
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Remote modem Self-Test. A remote check on hardware in the field to identify whether a unit is failing.
Rapid Screen Test
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An abbreviation for days' rest.
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Red Star Technologies
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Stands for Resist...