Definitions for "Gatehouse"
A building forming the gate of a castle, generally encompassing a narrow passageway with several gates. Often the gatehouses were fitted with arrow-slits, murder-holes, or other ingenious defensive devices designed to wreck havoc upon the besiegers as they attempted to storm the gates. Some gatehouses held lodgings for guards with rooms for officers above and prisoners below.
The most important part of a castle as far as its defense was concerned, the entry being the weakest point. Older ones were little more than a strong arch with heavy iron-bound wooden gates and drawbars and a guard chamber on top or to the side. Later on, flanking towers were added to the gateway, and Portcullises and Drawbridges. Whereas the Keep was a passive defense, the gatehouse was right up in front, and became the most elaborate building in the later castles.
a house built at a gateway; usually the gatekeeper's residence
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Glacis Great chamber
A house connected or associated with a gate.
A gatehouse is found at a landfill or a transfer station. All incoming vehicles must stop to be processed and weighed, and all outgoing vehicles must stop to be weighed and receive a disposal ticket for charges. See also Scale House.