Definitions for "Shutdown"
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The process of turning off components managed by LanSafe. A shutdown includes turning off applications and the operating systems on computers with Power Monitors, and turning off UPS load segments. LanSafe allows you to specify the order in which components are turned off during a shutdown.
To stop Unix/Linux and prepare a workstation to be turned off. Do 'man shutdown' or Man Pages for required switches
Command. This command does as the it says. It is used to shutdown and either turn off or reboot the FreeBSD operating system. At the prompt you can type: shutdown -r +3 (reboot in three minutes) shutdown -h +3 (shut the system down turn off the OS in three minuets) Read the man pages here.
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Production stoppage.
a system stoppage that an operator can recover from without loss of job integrity
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to decelerate.
A government shutdown is where all or part of the federal government is closed and ceases to perform normal business. This happens when Congress does not provide appropriations for its functioning. While Congress typically does not finish the budget in time for the new fiscal year (which starts October 1st), it also typically provides continuing appropriations, meaning that agencies should continue to function as under the last fiscal year's funding level. However, if Congress did not provide for continuing appropriations, the government would shutdown.
A production hiatus during which the platform ceases to produce while essential maintenance work is undertaken.
termination of operations; "they regretted the closure of the day care center"
An irregular non-working period such as a holiday or a closure for maintenance work. Regular non-working periods (e.g weekends) are not shutdowns.
See immediate shutdown, preemptive shutdown, and quiesced shutdown.
see overboost shutdown or auto-shutdown relay silicone hose single-board engine controller single-module engine controller single overhead cam
The fail action hierarchy selection that tells the other nodes in the cluster to wait before reforming the CXFS kernel membership. The surviving cluster delays the beginning of recovery to allow the node time to complete the shutdown. See also forced CXFS shutdown .
Scheduled or unscheduled downtime for a system or plant area.
a particular sequence of behavior which we observed in a child diagnosed as high-functioning within the autistic spectrum
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"Shutdown" is episode 96 of The West Wing.
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Procedure for returning turbine rotors to parked position. Initiated when wind speeds exceed cut out wind speed or when the wind drops below cut in wind speed.
The termination of electrical power to all or part of the computer system components, whether intentional or inadvertent.
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Bring the system down, see the section called "Shutdown".
Bring the system down, see Section 4.2.6.
To clear your computer of its operating system.
n. The process of ending operation of a system or a subsystem, following a defined procedure.
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defined period during which the JET device is not available for S/T work
a cooperative effort between the local state and agencies, businesses, and organizations