Definitions for "Drops"
medicinal fluids that can be placed in the eye of which there are many different types. Glaucoma drops all try to lower intraocular pressure, by either decreasing the amount of fluid produced (eg. Timolol, levobunolol, betaxolol, dorzolamide, brinzolamide) or improving flow of fluid out of the eye (eg. Pilocarpine, phospholine iodide, apraclonidine, brimonidine, latanaprost, epinephrine).
The lower portion of down-turned handlebars.
the lower part of a down-turned handlebar typically found on a road bike. The curved portions are called the hooks.
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There are two types of drop in the body: white drops and red drops. These are the pure essence of sperm and blood. When the drops melt and flow through the inner channels, they give rise to an experience of bliss. See Clear Light of Bliss and Tantric Grounds and Paths.
The essence of sperm and blood (egg), abiding in the ENERGY CHANNELS or nadis.
A constituent of the vajra body used in the generation of great bliss. Of the two types, at conception, the red drops are received from one's mother and the white drops from one's father.
a Breakthrough formulation in the treatment of immune compromising diseases like Psoriasias, Vitiligo ect
These are excerpts of TV, movies and other audio programmes that are used to accentuate programming.
The number of retail deliveries made in a day. A list of price reductions.
reduction in length of tour caused by overall reduction and withdrawal of American forces from Vietnam.
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Dropping to the knee, thigh, seat, front, back or split position onto the performing surface from a jump, stand or inverted position without first bearing most of the weight on the hands/feet which breaks the impact of the .
For central vacuums, the hose extensions from a manifold. The number of drops determines the number of cars that can be vacuumed at one time.