Definitions for "Downtime"
Total period that a service or component is not operational, within agreed service times.
Refers to the time period of which a web server is not accessible by the general public visitors of a site. Most web hosting companies have a SLA which states the maximum downtime allowed - after which the hosting firm has to compensate the client for the downtime period. See SLA Back to up
Non chargable time created by equipment malfunctioning, reel changes, colour changes, etc., or inadequate instructions.
The period during which computer or network resources are unavailable to users because of failure.
Downtime is an expression used to describe the period of time when a network, computer, Internet connection or service is unavailable or off line.
The unavailability of one or more configuration items (CIs). It is measured from the start of the incident to the restoration of an IT service.
Downtime is a motion picture spin-off of the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was released direct-to-video and produced by the independent production company Reeltime Pictures. It is a sequel to the Second Doctor serials The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear.
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Sleep, rest. FF: RoeBoot
A temporary interruption in the usability of a computer system; or a work stoppage caused by the temporary lack of usability of a computer system.
Refers to computer systems' natural state; the opposite of anticipated downtime
A general condition wherein users cannot use or access computing systems, applications, data or information for a broad variety of reasons.
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nasty, awful. [Pc talk
Not in sensory awareness, but "down" inside one's own mind seeing, hearing, and feeling thoughts, memories, awarenesses, a light trance state with attention focused inward.
term used to describe a forced break in gameplay with the goal to reduce the speed which players can level, get experience and items
May occur as a part of normal operations where the impact simply reduces the effective utility of processes in the short term.