Definitions for "Service life"
is the number of surges of given magnitude that can be suppressed by the suppressor, a measure of reliability. The government CID specifies minimum service life using a Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C classification method, with performance certified by a NRTL such as UL.
The service life of an asset or group of assets represents the period of usefulness to its owner. To provide a basis for depreciating the cost of fixed assets, a service life or estimated useful life is determined by considering both physical factors like wear and tear of the fixed asset, damage or destruction to the fixed asset, and functional factors like the fixed assets inadequacy or obsolescence.
See Useful life.
A period of time which a device is expected to perform satisfactorily.
Application and Use The period of time over which a material is able to fulfil its function.
The length of time a piece of equipment can be expected to perform at its full capacity.