Definitions for "Service Level"
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This is a broad-based term that is used to measure productivity; however, its use is not exclusive to the productivity of call handling. In contact centers it commonly defines X amounts of output in Y amounts of time. For example 80 percent of calls answered in 20 seconds. j k y z Misc
The desired probability that a demand can be met from stock (for an individual item, group of items or a system) which can be expressed in a number of ways: Percentage of orders completely satisfied from stock. Percentage of units demanded which are met from stock. Percentage of units demanded which are delivered on time. Percentage of time there is stock available. Percentage of stock cycles without shortages. Percentage of item-months there is stock available.
Also known as Grade of Service (GOS). Service Level parameters allow the performance of the Contact Center to be quantified, in terms of calls answered within a pre-specified period of time.
The extent to which a supplying resource satisfies customer requirements, often expressed in terms of error rate, resource availability or accuracy in meeting requested dates.
a measure of operational behavior
A measure for the extent to which the customer orders can be executed at delivery conditions normally accepted in the market.
The expression of an aspect of a service in definitive and quantifiable terms.
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the quality of service (in terms of response time and job turn-around) provided to the user by a computer system.