Definitions for "ECONOMIC LIFE"
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the number of trips the pallet will make over its lifetime, provided it is properly repaired, which maximises the return on the investment (an output of the PDS software)
Output from PDS program which identifies the number of trips the pallet will make, provided it is properly repaired, which maximizes a return on investment
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Expected period that property will provide benefits and is typically less than the physical life of the property. Depreciation is usually based on the economic life.
The estimated period over which it is anticipated that a property may profitably by utilized.
Also referred to as the useful life. This differs from the physical life of an asset. For example, a computer may have a physical life of 50 years, but its economic or useful life might be five years. To Top
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Ex - post evaluation Extrinsic Rewards
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Economic rents Emergency fund
The period over which a property will yield a return on the investment, over and above the economic or ground rent due to land.
In appraisal, an estimate of the current condition of property, used to calculate annual depreciation of value due to condition and obsolescence.
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The number of hours when it is ideal to replace the bulb/s.