Definitions for "Duty cycle"
The longest time that a valve is energized, followed by the shortest time that it is de-energized, expressed as a percent as follows: (On Time/(On Time + OFF Time)) x 100.
The ratio of the lengths of the positive to negative halves of a waveform expressed in percentages.
This refers to the percentage of time in any ten minutes that the plasma arc can be cutting. It is usually 100% on mechanised plasma cutting systems.
The normal use of a cell or battery in its application, including charge, disharge, rest and overcharge.
The conditions and usage to which a battery is subjected during operation, consisting of charge, overcharge, and discharge.
Recommended use level by the scanner manufacture measured in pages per month. This is not the same as rated speed.
The scanner manufacturer’s rated frequency of usage, usually measured in pages per month.
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a technical term describing the way certain wave shapes are distorted, which in turn changes the way they sound
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The maximum number of printed pages per month a printer can output. E - I
In a digital transmission, the ratio of high levels to low levels.