Definitions for "real-time"
Current, as with quotes or news. opposite of delayed.
In computing, refers to an operating mode under which data is received and processed as fast as the data to be processed arrives. For example, decoding of an MPEG video stream requires real-time decoding for smooth continuous playback.
Real-Time editing systems allow you to playback video directly from the timeline without having to render transitions or effects.
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of or relating to computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information
Appearing to be without lag or flicker (e.g. 60 cps displays; highly interactive computation).
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Data received from a quote service as the prices change.
receive versus payment redemption
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Takes all day, as opposed to overnight.
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(adj.) See "synchronous."
Normally used to describe combat sequences, the action does not stop to allow you to enter commands. This is the opposite of “turn-based”.
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