Definitions for "TIME-SHARING"
The renting of a single piece of real estate, often a vacation home, to many different parties, each having a specified block of time during which they may use it.
Interval ownership of real estate, such as the right to use a resort condominium for two weeks per year.
A form of property ownership under which a property is held by a number of people, each with the right of possession for a specified time interval. Time-sharing is most commonly applied to resort and vacation properties.
A technique for sharing the resources of a multiuser computer in which each user has the illusion that he or she is the only person using the system.
The process whereby a main-frame computer works with many users simultaneously. This book uses the analogy of time-sharing to explain how a fixed number of demons may be able to trouble millions of humans around the world.
The sharing of available processing time on a single computer system among multiple simultaneous users.
multiprogramming where threads or processes are run for time-slice and then context switched to allow other threads or processes a chance to execute