Definitions for "Scheduler"
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n. A computer program designed to perform functions such as scheduling, initiation, and termination of jobs.
The part of G2 that directs all other processing. The scheduler works in clock ticks; within a single clock tick it does the following: schedules new tasks, runs tasks that have been scheduled (running a rule, for example), services external data servers, services the user interfaces, and services the simulator.
A model free optimizer that uses the estimate primitive to establish execution order.
a feature that provides scheduling policies
A scheduler provides scheduling policies, which are rules, procedures, or criteria used in making process scheduling decisions. The scheduling policies available in the C5 operating system include FIFO (first-in-first-out) and RR (round robin).
A staffer who makes, changes, and cancels all meetings and appointments for a Member. Receives and responds to all invitations that come into the office. Makes travel arrangements for a Member"s official travel back and forth from Washington, D.C. to the home state. Prepares a daily schedule for the Member to follow. Members have such demands made on their time that this is a full-time position in most offices.
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the person who creates a roster or schedule
an element which gates the departure of each packet that arrives at one of its inputs, based on a service discipline
The part of the McIDAS-X system that initiates and ends user-defined command sequences.
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Also know as the Client. See Client.