Definitions for "FIFO"
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First In First Out. A method of valuing the cost of goods sold that uses the cost of the oldest items in inventory first.
an accounting method in which goods in inventory are valued at the price of the most recent acquisition of each type of goods, and those used up from inventory are valued at the cost of those first acquired.
"First in, First out", a popular inventory cost accounting procedure in which it is assumed that the first item manufactured is the first one sold by the company.
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a buffer of a fixed number of bytes on which reading and writing operations can be performed
ast nput / ast utput -- usually refers to the capabilities of certain data buffers, like UART chips.
A memory device in which data is read out in the same order that it was written in.
a specialized component that maintains the order of its data according to the sequence in which it was stored
a special kind of file that connects two programs via kernel memory
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Figure 8 Filament
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a pipe with a name in some directory
a special file that acts like a pipe
a special file whose semantics differ significantly from those of a regular file
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Rotating and using products according to date of expiration or when they were received (always date all products when you receive them).
a special file type that permits independent processes to communicate
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a list used to hold data and/or producers until they are required