Definitions for "Concurrency"
Simultaneous access of the same data by many users. A multiuser database management system must provide adequate concurrency controls, so that data cannot be updated or changed improperly, compromising data integrity. See Also: data consistency
The number of processing threads active at any given time. Contrast with asynchronicity.
Execution of two processes or operations simultaneously.
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The Concurrency ordinance was adopted in response to the Washington State Growth Management Act, which required local jurisdictions to adopt level-of-service (LOS) standards for the arterial road system and to ensure maintaining those standards when considering new development. This process is called "Concurrency". Concurrency applies to any development, land division, site plan, and conditional use permit approvals.
a single physical road designated by two or more different highway numbers
A concurrency, overlap or coincidence State Highway Routes Selected Information, 1994 with 1995 Revisions (PDF) - see Route 3 for instance on a road network occurs where a single physical road carries two or more different highway, motorway, or other road numbers. Multiplex (and the more specific terms duplex and triplex) is a neologism, albeit well-used, used by roadgeeks for this concept, as an extension of other meanings of the term.
The local government comprehensive plan requirement of ' 163.3180, FS, to ensure that public facilities and services needed to support a development will be available at the time of the development's demand for such facilities and services.
Carrying out separate stages of the product development process at the same time rather than sequentially.
A regulation specifying that before a development order can be issued, which public facilities must be provided to a proposed development or redevelopment commensurate with adopted levels of service, when these facilities will be provided, and who will pay for these public facilities in such manner that is consistent with the intent of the state's land use legislation, Part II, Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, Chapter 75-390, Laws of Florida, as amended and implementing regulations.
A measure of the number of users engaged in the same operation at the same time - a critical Capacity Planning issue.
A license allowing a specific number of users to access the software at any given time. See also Per Server Licensing.
a situation in which multiple processes exist in a single system
The shared use of resources by multiple interactive users or application processes at the same time.
The ability of more than one transaction to access the same data at the same time.