Definitions for "Downside"
Keywords:  blot, succeed, motherhood, hit, aspect
a negative aspect of something that is generally positive; "there is a downside even to motherhood"
The negative aspect of incurring risk.
What you lose if you take a risk and don't succeed. The downside to slotting an important point is that the blot may be hit.
Keywords:  worst, scenario, diligence, wrong, case
See worst case scenario.
In a due diligence analysis this refers to the worst case scenario should the activity of the company go completely wrong.
Evaluation of the effect of the worst case scenario. Evaluation of the downside is sometimes referred to as downside risk.
A breakout which penetrates a support and indicates an impending fall in the market is referred to as a breakout “downside”.
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disadvantage, expectation or likelihood of loss, or failureÏÂ1/2
The potential for loss for a given investment or activity.
The potential for prices to decrease.
The potential for prices to move down. Also, the potential risk one takes for directional trading.