Definitions for "Cold start"
Keywords:  almanac, gps, warm, start, shutdown
Starting a compressor from a state of total shutdown. Usually done with "local" control at the compressor. May be done with "remote" control, but only advised with "heavy" instrumentation and monitoring accessories. ( 200)
A-GPS receiver powers-up and performs a location fix without any stored frequency or time information.
A model run using initial conditions that are not expected to be close to conditions as solved by the model, i.e., a level water surface elevation and velocity values of zero. See Also: Hot start
Keywords:  ephemiris, bulb, power, first, longer
When power is first applied to a light bulb.
The time from power on to first available use.
Powering up a unit after it has been turned off for an extended period of time and no longer contains current ephemiris data.
beginning a race by depressing the accelerator after the countdown