Definitions for "Hot Start"
An engine which has been running will tend to remain hot for a short time. During this period, it is possible to restart the engine by turning the crankshaft without the glow plug being plugged in to a glow starter. This is something to be aware of, as it could possibly create an unsafe condition.
The ability for the engine to start itself (without the glow-warmer) if you turn the start shaft after the engine has been running a while. This is because the engine is so hot the heater is not needed to cause ignition. This is also da ngerous because it can catch you off guard and send your blades into a frenzy.
a start where an overtemperature has arisen during the starting sequence of a jet engine
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PCR modification with the reaction tube kept at 95 oC prior to addition of primer and polymerase.
beginning a race by holding down the accelerator during the countdown
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a real possibility