Definitions for "Timing"
Relationship between the embroidery machine's hook and needle. To form a stitch, the hook and the loop formed by the top thread must meet at a precise moment or else improper stitch formations, thread breakage, skipped stitches, or broken needles could result.
The art of deciding upon the exact moment to buy or to sell.
see ignition timing or valve timing toe-in top dead center torque converter torque plate torque steer torque strut torque wrench
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The combination and coordination of the rhythm of a bowlers footwork, armswing and release.
The apparent instrumental ensemble (synchronism) of a performance, which is affected by system speed. See "articulation," "rhythm," "pace."
The sequence of motions within the golf swing.
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The state of play as it affects a certain player; generally it refers to the race to the finish.
The relative rate of advancement of the players' checkers. The player behind in the race has more time, and is said to have better timing.
The general rate of advancement of a player's and the opponent's men viewed in terms of their likely position at a future crucial point in the game, partially controllable by the leaving of blots to be hit and the hitting or not hitting of adverse blots.
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The relation of the elements of a dance step or dance figure with respect to musical time: barss and beatss.
The relation of the elements of a dance step or dance figure with respect to musical time: bars and beats.
The proper relationship of the stroke and glide of the skate on the ice and other body movements to the correct beat(s) of the music.
The process of selecting the printing values for color and density of successive scenes in a complete film to produce the desired visual effects.
A practice session, usually brief, during which a performance occurs. Rate of correct and incorrect responses are recorded. Timings are often one minute in duration. But sprints of shorter duration can also be used to promote higher levels of fluency. Longer timings are used to build Endurance.
The ability to time or back time the script by breaking out time segments via the following: acts, segments/ sequences, scenes and shots. This would also include the ability to calculate durations on shot by shot basis and display actuals vs. estimates/proposed times. A separate column would be available to display the running time/duration.
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The expression "timing" refers to a trainer's ability to deliver consequences of a dog's behavior to the dog so that it is understood correctly. For example, if my dog is watching me and just as he looks away, I say READY, then my timing was poor--I reinforced the "looking away" instead of the "watch".
The ability of dragons to travel between through times, as well as through space. Usually, gold dragons inhibit this ability in the lesser dragons of a Weyr.
All dogs will be timed. Times will be used only in the event of ties for a placement.
In its purest form, an all-or-nothing investment technique based on a forecast about the direction of the stock market or interest rates. Market timers will put all their money into stocks (long-term bonds) when they think the market will rise (or interest rates fall), then quickly convert that money to cash when they think the trend is changing direction. Market timing is extremely risky, can generate excessive taxes and trading costs, and more often than not underperforms a simple buy-and-hold investment program.
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The timing clock is activated when a skier passes through a pivoting, knee-high wand to begin his or her run.
1. Scheduling the email campaign to reach the audience at the most opportune time so it is most likely to be read. Timing might be seasonal (for example, vacation or school), dependent on holidays, etc. or mailings might go out on a standard schedule. Even the day of the week and what time of day the mailing goes out are important considerations: for example, a Friday afternoon mailing may be great for retailing customers, but bad for business-to-business customers. 2. Choosing the most appropriate interval between emails in a campaign, to maximize overall effectiveness.
Process in which a lab renders the proper exposure and color when creating a print. The brightness of the timing lights (or lamps) can be controlled and have a range from (1) the darkest to (50) the brightest.
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(n.) The alignment of the chambers in a revolver with the bore. In a revolver which has seen a lot of use, the timing can be "off," so that the chambers do not perfectly align with the bore, causing the gun to spit lead from the barrel-cylinder gap.
a lot more complicated that lining up two marks
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This is the rollover of the cams. They should both rollover and be in same exact position at full draw.
Synonym: spotting or cueing. The process of defining the in and out times of individual subtitles.
Language timing is the rhythmic quality of a particular type of speech, in particular how syllables are distributed across time. There are two types of language timing: stress timing and syllable timing.
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Timing is the process that calculates the delays associated with each of the routed nets in the design.
Relating to delays, performance, or speed.
Records whether data were collected from historical records, concurrently with analysis, or repeatedly over time. Valid entries are: Historical, Concurrent, Repeated.
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General term for adjusting or setting a component or system to give a desired sequence of actions at the required time.
(n.) The engagement or positioning of an assembly of internal parts so as to produce the desired sequence of engagement during operation. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
Same as Synchronization. Temporal phase of a signal with reference to another signal.
A measurement of where the ball is in relationship to the body during an approach and delivery.
The relationship between your arrival at the foul line and the release. See "early" and "late" timing.
(IEEE) The process of estimating or measuring the amount of execution time required for a software system or component. Contrast with sizing.
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the time when something happens
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Turn on or off timing statistics. SQL SET TIMING ON SQL SET TIMING OFF
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See "Automation Timing"
The amount of time a slide remains in view before a slide show advances to the next slide. Animation effects also have timings to control when they occur.
(1) the order of play, or of planned activities during the play;(slang) (of an auction) the following a particular order of activities.
The first 90% of a development project takes 90% of the time. The remaining 10% also takes 90% of the time.