Definitions for "Soca"
Keywords:  calypso, soul, bass, trinidadian, drum
"Soca" is calypso with rhythmic enhancements. It is characterized by the basic cut time of Calypso but features a syncopated intricate bass line as opposed to the "walking" bass, which is normally associated with traditional Calypso. The rhythmic enhancements provided by the percussion also add to the "Soca" feel. There is also some variation in the playing of the kick drum, especially in the use of double beats, which has have introduced in recent years.
Calypso’s fast pace & high-energy offspring, introduced on scene in the seventies. Soca uses the same basic beat as calypso combined with soul music only sped-up and stroked with a laid back bass-line and a touch of drumming.
comes from combining the words "soul" and "calypso", is modern Trinidadian pop music.
Serious and Organised Crime Agency
Serious Organised Crime agency. SOCA, which will be operational from April 2006, will bring together existing agencies to create a single, intelligence-driven specialist organisation focussed on combating organised crime. (See: Working against serious crime).
Serious Organised Crime Agency. Money laundering suspicions are reported to SOCA by the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.
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See Socapex.