Definitions for "GUID"
Acronym for Globally Unique IDentifier. This unique code is used to identify a computer, user, file, etc., for tracking purposes.
The Global Unique IDentifier is a 16 byte string for an object the ADS. Every domain controller have such a GUID for example and they must be present in the certificates of these domain controllers.
a byte array and when working with it you must use conversion functions
lobally nique dentifier - A 128-bit number that is generated automatically and used to refer to a resource, component, directory entry or any other type of object.
Another term for UUID like numbers, often used by Microsoft
a G lobally U nique ID entifier, and it's the Microsoft take on the OSF's UUIDs ( U niversally U nique ID entifier
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a struct, so you'd need to do the usual thing that VB programmers do - define it in the VB too
(Internet Directory Administrator's Guide)