Definitions for "Unique Identifier"
A unique 10-character identifying code assigned to each element. Note: - This code is no longer the primary unique identifier in the Biotics 4.0 system as it was in the previous Biological and Conservation Data system. No record is kept of past use of element codes.
a small set of characters which identifies you uniquely among all other users. It does not need to contain any of your personal information - only to be unique among all the users tracked by the server.
In the Privacy Act 1993, "Unique Identifier" means an identifier - that is assigned to an individual by an agency for the purposes of the operations of the agency; and that uniquely identifies that individual in relation to that agency; - but, for the avoidance of doubt, does not include an individual's name used to identify that individual.
a code consisting of alphabet characters and numerals (not a persons name) which is applied to an individual and distinguishes them from other individuals, for example a drivers licence number
a non-repeating, alpha-numeric production serial number, or a copy of such a serial number
a 'password' of up to eight characters that can be easily remembered
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