Definitions for "Group ID"
Keywords:  racf, gid, servergid, aix, dept
On UNIX systems, the group for Calendar Server files such as counters and logs. The GID is stored in the ics.conf file in the local.servergid parameter.
A number that determines group access privileges. (On MPE/iX, the string representation of the GID is an account name, e.g. it is equivalent to the string @.account).
The group id has the format -- (prefix:name). The prefix is always dept and the name is the name of the group.
a universally unique identifier for a project
A unique number associated with each group name on the server.
A number that uniquely identifies a group of users on the system. Using group IDs allows specific groups of users to share files among themselves, but maintain privacy from other users on the system and on the network.