Definitions for "Environment variable"
A symbolic variable that represents an element of the user's operating system environment, such as a path, a directory name, or a configuration string. For example, the environment variable PATH represents the directories to search for executable files.
A variable that is available to any program that is started by the shell.
A global variable to define the characteristics of a UNIX environment such as the terminal type or home directory. It is defined with the setenv command. By convention, environment variables appear in uppercase. Environment variables are often used to refer to a directory.
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a setting that DOS can look at (or other programs, like Telix) to find out certain information it needs
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The name of a single entry in the environment.
a mapping of a name to a value which is visible to processes on Unix (including Mac OS X) and Windows operating systems
a named object that contains information used by one or more applications
a short code that defines an element within a specific application