Definitions for "Libref"
a name that is temporarily associated with a SAS data library. The complete name of a SAS file consists of two words, separated by a period. The libref, which is the first word, indicates the library. The second word is the name of the specific SAS file. For example, in VLIB.NEWBDAY, the libref VLIB tells SAS where to look to find the file NEWBDAY.
the name temporarily associated with a SAS data library. You assign a libref with a LIBNAME statement or with operating environment control language. The libref is the first-level name of a two-level name. For example, A is the libref in the two-level name A.B. The default libref is WORK unless the USER libref is defined. See also the entry for USER library.
a name by which you reference the file in your application