Definitions for "Organizational Unit"
Organizational units are the various departments within each State System University, the Office of the Chancellor and the Educational Resource Group. Multiple organizational units and their interrelationships form the organizational structure.
An entity within the University, typically a department, center, independent research lab or institute, which submits a formal budget for either State or local funding to the University Budget Office.
Specific types of administrative offices within the divisional structure of the Ministry, such as district office, regional office, headquarters branch. See Guide S38:
An Active Directory container object that is used within domains. An OU can contain users, groups, computers, and even other OUs.
a subdivision within your company that uses the organizationalUnit object class
A body of users and resources within an organization defined to sub-divide an organization into more manageable groups. Users are assigned to only one organizational unit. Resources are also assigned to only one organizational unit unless they are defined as global to an organization.
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a subunit of an enterprise
an eight-digit number that represents the hierarchical organizational structure with regards to HR and Payroll in the SAP system
a logical subset defined by security or administrative parameters
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a component of this association