Definitions for "Gardnerella"
An emerging pathogen ( Gardnerella vaginalis) much like Mobiluncus, Plesiomonas, and Aeromonas, producing vaginitis instead of diarrhea. It is a Gram-negative, relatively inert bacillus and part of the normal vaginal flora of about 10% of the female population. However, in those who develop vaginitis, the percentage rate rises to about 40%.
Formerly Haemophilus, this is an anaerobic bacteria that is a main contributor to bacterial vaginosis. It is sometimes sexually transmitted, but can stick around for years as a passive part of the vaginal flora, only to flare up. It seems to occur in up to a quarter of relatively monogamous women and in half of women with multiple male partners. As bacterial vaginosis, Gardnerella is one of the three main causes of vaginal discharges, along with Trichomonas and Candida albicans. Antibiotic therapy for male partners seems of only marginal value, and the distinguishing characteristic of the infection is nearly no Lactobacillus vaginal presence, the main part of the flora that retains the lactic acid and peroxide balance so important in a healthy vagina. Live culture yogurt, as both food and douches help the problem.
a bacteria that may cause a vaginal infection