Definitions for "deficit"
The amount by which a government, company, or individuals spending exceeds...
Deficiency in amount or quality; a falling short; lack; as, a deficit in taxes, revenue, etc.
(1) The excess of liabilities and reserved equity of a fund over its assets. (2) The excess of expenditures over revenues during an accounting period; or, in the case of Enterprise and Internal Service Funds, the excess of expense over income during an accounting period.
The amount of water that cannot be supplied when water demands are greater than water supplies.
the amount remaining if the amount of money spent is greater than the amount received
The amount by which the value of future liabilities is greater than the value of the assets of the scheme.
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It is a status, condition, behavior, belief, or understanding that blocks the path toward health or diverts the journey toward unhealthy conditions.
Lack of cash.
A lack or deficiency of an essential quality or element; for example, a neurologic deficit is a defect in the structure or function of the brain.
Lack of potential energy in an area, or body caused by infection or injury.
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a recession induced drop in imports
a reflection of the relative strength of the US economy to its trading partners
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a very different concept
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a lot like a mortgage
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a form of tax
a tax compounded with interest for late payment
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a tool of policy