Definitions for "Alarm system"
Consists of a CONTROL PANEL, INPUT DEVICES, OUTPUT DEVICES, and their associated WIRING to comprise a means of notifying the occupants of a building (or communicating to a CENTRAL STATION) of an INTRUSION, FIRE, FLOOD, etc.
A combination of compatible initiating devices, control panels, and indicating appliances, designed and installed to produce an alarm signal in the event of fire.
a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event
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a proven deterrent
a good tool to help you manage these concerns and provide peace of mind
an inexpensive way of protecting your home and possessions and provides peace of mind that your premises are secure
an automatic communications installation to indicate fir, intruders etc
a very important thing in our life, for protection not only of the valuable property in the house but also the people that live in it
a worthwhile investment for the protection of your home and family
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a good idea as well
a critical tool for managing the operation of process plants