Definitions for "Phasing"
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A delay effect, where the original signal is mixed with a short (0 to 10 msec) delay. The time of the delay is slowly varied, and the combination of the two signals results in a dramatic moving comb-filter effect. Phasing is sometimes imitated by sweeping a comb-filter EQ across a signal. A comb filter can be found in your back pocket.
See "comb filtering."
A delay effect where the original signal is mixed with a copy of the original signal which has been delayed 0 to 10 milliseconds. The length of the delay is slowly varied and the combination of the two signals results in a dramatic moving comb filter effect.
The gradual increase of the amount of a maintenance assessment over a set period of time
method of gradually reducing nuclear arms over a period of years. Plutonium-element that is a basic raw material for many types of nuclear war and reactors. Positive control-refers to a nation's ability to recall nuclear weapons that have already been launched.
In music the compositional technique phasing, popularized by composer Steve Reich, the same part is played on two musical instruments, one instrumentalist keeps playing in steady tempo, while the other gradually moves ahead of the first until it becomes out of and then back in phase (the rhythmic equivalent of cycling through the phase of two waveforms as in phase shifting). Note that both parts are still perceived as being in the same tempo with the change being only enough to gradually separate the parts and bring them back together. In some cases, especially live performance where gradual separation is extremely difficult, phasing is accomplished by periodically inserting an extra note into the phrase of one of the two players who are playing the same repeated phrase, thus shifting the phase by a single beat at a time, rather than gradually.
The process of segregating activities into a series of sequential phase [D03141] RMW
The practice of making IMF resources available to its members in installments over the period of an arrangement.
Installing roof system components in separate time intervals. For instance, installing a base sheet, and then two plies of roofing one day, and coming back and installing the remaining two plies one or more days later. It is generally not considered Phasing if the surfacing is applied at a later date.
The method of delivering the data warehouse in separate groupings of functionality to particular groups of users rather than delivering everything all at once to all the intended users.
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Pertaining to phase or differences of phase.
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The order in which a master plan is implemented. Phasing can vary from the order of work in a given week to over several years.
The balance and timing of executing take-off, shape and landing of a move with good technique.