Definitions for "Flanging"
See "comb filtering."
The process of modifying the phase of a signal, which gives the effect of motion of the data acquisition.
A sound effect produced by combining the original sound with one delayed by less than 20ms. The human ear is unable to resolve the direct and delayed signals and a sound with a strange frequency response is produced. The flanging effect is produced by automatically varying the delay from 0 to 20ms.
The process of sewing a fabric to the cover edge and attaching it to the border rod of the innerspring unit. It secures the cover and reduces the possibility of shifting.
The process whereby a strip of fabric is sewn to the edge of the mattress cover and, in the assembly process, secured to the perimeter of the innerspring unit to prevent the cover and filling materials from shifting.
A bending operation in which a narrow strip at the edge of a sheet is bent down (up) along a straight or curved line. It is used for edge strengthening, appearance, rigidity and the removal of sheared edges. A flange is often used as a fastening surface.