Definitions for "Spins"
Skills in which skaters rotate on their vertical axes while maintaining contact with the ice with one or both skates.
any in-the-air rotation. Expressed in degrees of rotation. Example "180" or "Frontside 360" or "backside switch 720"
When a rider does a rotation with the bike in the air. Spinning tricks are combined with one or more other tricks to increase difficulty and earn higher scores. The higher the number of rotations, the more difficult the trick. The 900 is one of the most difficult tricks there is. It is most common on Vert, where a rider spins two-and-a-half rotations before returning to the ramp.
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Nuclei which are NMR active are often called nuclear spins, or spins for short.
Stands for Standard & Poor's 500 Index Subordinated Notes.
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special instructions