Definitions for "timeline"
timeline is a script that generates a graphic historic timeline in some formats based on a source file. You will need Ruby to run this software.
The designated period of time in which activities will occur and the chronological sequence of these activities.
Chronologically listed events of Roman History.
The graphical representation of every macroscopic and microscopic edit made to a sequence, including all nested effects and layered tracks.
This is composed of the clip viewer and the audio viewer.
a container for audio or video groups which themselves contain compositions and tracks
The grid-like area of the Flash environment that contains the Playhead, layers, and frames.
part of the Project window where frames, keyframes, and tweens are arranged on a numbered grid.
Used to control and coordinate the frames and layers that make up a Flash movie.
BCB component useful in planning, manage and visualization any process for many entities on timeline.
The unconscious arrangement of a person's past memories and future expectations. Typically,. this is as a "line" of images.
the unconscious arrangement or storage of a person's past memories, future expectations and current experiences. Usually organised in a 'linear' and visual fashion.
By when does the outcome need to be reached at the level ( threshold) and for the number of people you have specified? The timeline for reaching any given outcome depends on the timeline for reaching the outcomes above and below it on the pathway. So, for example, if residents will not have completed a literacy class until the end of the year, it is unrealistic to expect to see an increase in literacy rates in a shorter timeline. Likewise, if the long-term outcome is that parents read to their children within three years, you can work backwards to determine by when they need to have increased literacy and motivation.
time limit. Trainably Mentally Handicapped (TMH) - see moderately mentally handicapped.
A detailed schedule of astronaut or mission activities indicating the activity and time at which it occurs within the mission.
A management tool which details the schedule of project tasks to be accomplished, by whom, and over what period of time.
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A length of time with a starting date and an ending date.
Due dates for narrative and financial reports. For easy reference, you should make a timeline of your project activities. Don't forget to include the report due dates
a continuity of time and space that has been given consciousness by God's Creator Sons
The time within which entitled and mandated services must be provided; also prohibits being put on a waiting list for any service to which you have a right.
a two dimensional chart used to consider the impact of a technology or trend over time
The goal of the project is to produce a teaching aid, allowing students and teachers in schools to create and record on line timelines, within a limited space.
Popular project management software package. 2.29
A diagram showing the years when costs are incurred and income is received over the duration of an investment. Also see “Investment.
an independent simulation module capable of running on a different processor
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a great way to make the whole plan come together