Definitions for "Computer Science"
It has been estimated that there were only about 100 hand-built computers in the world in 1953. Researchers such as Tom Kilburn at the University of Manchester completed a device called MEG, which did floating-point calculations. This machine evolved into the first transistorized computer, the Metro-Vickers MV950, leading to mass production of computers.*Alan Turing published an article describing the first 1,104 zeroes of the Riemann zeta-function, culminating 15 years of work on how to use computers to tackle a fundamental problem in number theory.
The study of computer hardware and software.
n.: A science whose goal is to build something that will lasts at least until they've finished building it.
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ACM Digital Library * Types of Alerts Frequency of Alerts Limits ToC as new issues become available None
Also referred to as Computing Laboratory. This is a research and teaching department at the University of Kent. Not to be confused with Computing Service.