Definitions for "Canis"
Keywords:  jackals, wolves, genus, dog, familiaris
A genus of carnivorous mammals, of the family Canidæ, including the dogs and wolves.
type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs; wolves; jackals
Canis is a genus that includes several of the modern wolf and jackal species, including the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) which is thought to be the ancestor of the Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris). There are between 7 and 10 species, depending on the source that is used. The jackals used to be placed in their own genus: Thor, but that classification is never used now.
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Canis is an ego-shooter/RPG mix. Many small stories/adventures that belong to/take place in one big universe can be played by one or more human players connected over a network. Depending on the choosen character they play with or against each other.