Definitions for "Simplify"
Keywords:  clarify, enemy, endgame, attack, quiet
An exchange of pieces to reach a won ending, to neutralize an enemy attack or simply to clarify a situation.
Act of exchanging pieces in a game to reduce complexity or stop an enemy attack.
Exchanging pieces in order to reach a winning endgame, neutralize your enemy's attack, or clarify the position.
To make simple; to make less complex; to make clear by giving the explanation for; to show an easier or shorter process for doing or making.
make simpler or easier or reduce in complxity or extent; "We had to simplify the instructions"; "this move will simplify our lives"
Simplify is aimed to raise images compressibility by using a reversible blurring algorithm.
To simplify is to change a mathematical expression to its simplest form. Also "perform the indicated operations" has the same purpose. (See also evaluate.) Examples: 3 + 4( -= 3 + 4 - -(-) xy)= (-= - 200
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