Definitions for "WMS "
The WMS is designed to allow a web site administratror to easily run a website with little hassle. The WMS is based on the structure of the internet, hyperlinked pages each with different items on them.
" Warehouse Management System
Web Map Server [look up
Woman's Missionary Society Western Division, and Eastern Divison Presbyterian Church in Canada. Workers were engaged in evangelistic,medical and education centres in North Korea. Fund raising. The General Assembly approved the formation of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society for the "Upper Provinces" in 1876. There were already similar societies in Montreal and the Maritimes. In 1910 the Maritimewomen joined forces as the Women's Foreign and Home Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (Eastern Division). In 1914 the Women's Missionary Society (Western Division) was formed. (Ref: A Short History of thePresbyterian CHurch in Canada, p.66). I encounter both spellings - Woman's and Women's and cannot, yet, sort out the distinction..
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