Definitions for "COTS"
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configurable, off-the-shelf software.
Commercially-off-the-shelf. Usually refers to software packages or systems implemented in a company.
Commercial Orbital Transportation Service
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n. Acronym for "Cult of the Shaft" I'd better let them explain it. Cult of the Shaft Homepage See: Shaft
Customer Options Team, BT's telesales team which gives specific advice on BT's and competitors telecommunications services.
Ready-made merchandise that is available for sale.
Licenses of any COTS software are not required to be delivered. However, the software for which ESA will acquire the limited license is delivered in source and executable form upon completion of the contract.
Ready-made, shrink-wrapped software that is not customized for use except through the use of built-in settings.
Chapter Operations Training Seminar - a weekend administrative training session.
Connection-oriented transport service. Requires a logical connection to be established between two processes before data can be exchanged. Conceptually analogous to a telephone call.