Definitions for "end-user"
a person who uses an item of commerce for its designed purpose; -- contrasted with those who produce or resell the item or incorporate the item into another product.
The audience, the 'market', the people for whom a certain product/web site/activity is intended.
The ultimate consumer of petroleum products or natural gas; most commonly refers to large commercial, industrial, or utility consumers.
See User, Business User
Term coined by laminators to denote the customer of the converters, seen as end user of the laminate. This may cause confusion as the label buyer is not always the end user of the labels.
In contrast to a swap-trading institution, a counter-party which engages in a swap to change its interest rate or currency exposure. End-users may be non-financial corporations, financial institutions or governments.
A functional entity above the SCCP upper layer boundary indirectly using the services of the SCCP.
an organization receiving assignments of IP addresses exclusively for use in its operational networks
an organization receiving assignments of IP addresses exclusively for use within the Internet infrastructure they operate, not for sub-delegation of those addresses outside of its organization
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the person who uses a computer application, as opposed to those who developed or support it. The end-user may or may not know anything about computers, how they work, or what to do if something goes wrong.
the person who uses computer applications in any environment, as opposed to those who developed or support it
The person who uses a computer or the Internet.
a person who interacts with Web content once it has been authored
A person with an information need. Endusers often employ information retrieval systems, either directly or through a search specialist.
a person using or requesting publicly available telecommunications services.
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an expert worker with the knowledge, skills and experience to operate a particular business process in a live operational environment
an individual within a business who uses software applications to perform his or her job role
an individual who desires to have access to the Campus Data Network through a permanent connection
(human) individual that makes use of computer systems and networks.
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Anyone who uses a computer system or its output.