Definitions for "on demand"
"On Demand" is the name we give to our scanning-to-order service
An entertainment service that allows viewers instant access to content such as movies, cable series, original programs, educational programs, premium channels, news, sports, etc. Programming from content providers is delivered by consumer's cable company and may be free, subscription-based, or paid for on a transactional basis. With On Demand service, consumers can control what they watch and when, with features such as play, pause, fast-forward, rewind and stop. Preferred to VoD.
a new area of AHIMA's online store that allows you to order reprints, online (electronic) documents, or customized textbooks
A promissory note that does not indicate a maturity date and is payable when the agreed upon sum is requested.
A phrase found in negotiable instruments that means money owed must be paid immediately when requested by the holder.
as soon as requested
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Dialing 01 instead of 011 or 0+NPA instead of 1+NPA to use assured service on a line that is provisioned for real time service.
Usually refers to printing output only when it is needed instead of having it stored on the shelf.
An optional property of subreports, meaning that the subreport is to appear only as a hyperlink, not actually loading its data until the user drills down into the subreport. This ensures that only data which is actually used is retrieved from the database. The default value for this property is that it is off and therefore the subreport is automatically loaded and its data retrieved and shown in the report.
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Don't use this term. Should always be prefaced (i.e. DISH, Movies, Video, etc)
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When asked for.
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Red Star Archiving Solution
services which can be accessed as required and at a time determined by the consumer, as opposed to a service (such as a TV programme) which is available at a time determined by the broadcaster.
Software that is hosted by the software company and typically available to the user via Web access.