Definitions for "On-demand"
Describes stored media content that is available for streaming on a Windows Media Services system. Windows Media Services can stream either stored content from a publishing point, or live content using Windows Media Encoder.
1) The opposite of real-time. 2) Audio and/or video programming available on a Web site after the completion of an event, providing this content so Web site visitors can listen or view at their discretion.  3)  FAX system for sending out faxed material upon request.
Pertaining to work performed when demand is present. Typically used to describe products which are manufactured or assembled only when a customer order is placed.
a graduate degree program offered by Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management
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A service/application delivered over the Internet for a monthly or yearly fee. A company that delivers this service/application is an Application Service Provider, or ASP.
An option that causes a guest check to be printed only when the operator pushes a certain key programmed to print the check, rather than printing every time a check is service totaled. Opposite of “By-Round”.
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a blended learning model