Definitions for "Video streaming"
Technical process of accessing and viewing a video file directly by a user from a network computer without the need to download the entire file prior to viewing.
Sending video or audio over a network as needed, such as Real Audio/Video or Microsoft NetShow, instead of forcing the user to download the entire file before viewing it. Typically a few seconds of data is sent ahead and buffered in case of network transmission delays. (Although some data is buffered to the hard drive, it is written to temporary storage and is gone once viewing is complete.)
Streaming video delivers compressed multimedia content over the Internet in a stream of packets. Viewers view the file as it downloads, instead of downloading the entire file first. Streaming video first initializes the transfer, and then buffers it. Bandwidth determines both picture quality and whether or not the viewed video catches up with the downloading content, which causes the video to stop. RealPlayer is one of the most popular free streaming video players available. Video streaming is commonly used for viewing live feeds from security cameras, with RTSP/RTP being the main streaming technology currently in use.
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The process of providing video data or content via a web page.