Definitions for "Audio Streaming"
Keywords:  clip, visi, providin, bndwidth, shud
Playing audio data incrementally, as the data fragments are received by the client, rather than waiting until the entire sound clip has downloaded before playing it.
The process of providing audio content on a web site, such as sound clips, music files, and video. Audio streaming makes it possible for the sounds to be heard clearly and continuously. This requires a lot of bandwidth so some hosts do not offer or allow it.
da process of providin audio content on a web site. dis takes up a nice amount of bndwidth, especially if u get a lot of visi2rs @ ur site. sum hosts do not allow audio or video streaming because of dis. If u R goin 2 want audio on ur site, u shud make sure that ur host supports audio streaming first. dis is usually st8d in their plans.