Definitions for "HTTP streaming"
See progressive download.
A form of streaming (popularized by QuickTime) in which media files begin to play before they are downloaded entirely. This means that they can be sent via HTTP and don't require specialized server software such as RealMedia files do. (RealMedia files use a specialized protocol called RTSP and require content providers to have a special server application installed.) Also called Progressive Download. [[ | | | | | | | | | JK | | | | | | | | | | | | | XYZ
You can stream pre-recorded music over the Internet using HTTP streaming. Please review the following instructions to use HTTP streaming on your Yahoo! Website Services account: Create the .ra file (this is the music file itself). Create a plain text file with the suffix .ram (i.e., song.ram) -- this file should contain the full path to the .ra file. Example: Create a link on your site to the .ram file. Upload both the .ram and .ra file to the server. Support for the use of Real Media is provided by the developer of the technology. Please visit: if you need further assistance. More information about this feature can be found at: